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Friday, July 3, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Chop Chop!

Going full ham up in this bitch!
Pork belly to make your mouth water and your stomach feel pleasure.
And burgers! Costco patties are actually pretty darn good at a very reasonable price. Bulk up!
This made my fucking day. DAYUM!
It ain't a party without bacon.
Beans and leftover flank steak.
On the left side of the bun is some charred cheese from the pan. I ate that shit and I loved it.
Judge if you will. I'm too busy clogging the shit outta my arteries. 
More bacon, duh.
Bacon avocado cheeseburger and some beans with leftover flank steak!
I know how to shove it my suckhole too!
They were great but I'm still a huge fan of the pepperoni ones.
In case y'all aren't aware, Robinson street bridge is up and running again.
People started building odstacles again! Sick!
Parking block flat bars. Chunky as shit. Not easy to boardslide. Not for my fat ass atleast.
Wondering what Butterface is doing?
He's gettin' himself a chopping block! CHOP CHOP!
Rollin' that shitlog along.
Probably one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes ever.
EatFiend fucking shirts look better with a sweat stain on them.
Get yers today if you can.
De'Angelos pizza is holding it down again.
Beard and hair are making a comeback!
Speaking of beards....... poker night!
Such a beautiful man.
I wasn't doing too bad in the game, if I may say so.
Psyched to see that Craigosaur was rocking his T!
O'Cruddle. The fattest cat I know.
At this point I was completely blacked out. Filibertos Mexican food is always good to me.
Literally a screen shot. Drunk as shit.
The next morning I found my belt and shoes like this. If I'm going shoeless, I was probably full fucking caveman status.
My parents grow some big ass tomatoes.



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