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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Fuggit

Welcome back everyone.
Hope your enjoying the inconsistency. Fuggit.
Starting today's blog off right with some mid-2000's skating. Maybe Given was a later 2000's company. Who knows. I just know that Danny Scher is the shit! and I'm pretty sure he's on Vagrant now.
Skates to AC-DC! FUCK YEA!
Fuckin' Duffman. Rail/burger chomper.
I remember watching Truman skate in the old Next Cup contest series I used to enter as a young lad. Now I get to shoot the shit with him at PD and witness awesome skating like so...
The fact that he is able to adapt to the terrain constantly changing under his wheels is a true sign of professionalism. This bub deserves to be pro.
Memo park. 
Shredtacular times were had by all? Almost looks like the park is empty.
Nah, peeps were just checking out the big 3 block.
I came home to my roommate clenching his butt cheeks.
Backyard jungle kitty sighting.
It's what I do.
He loves to sit in the dirt. 
Caveman television.
Burger moves.
Cheesy moves.
Doubled down.
It ain't no fun if the bubs don't get none.
Burgers for life. I don't give a fuck how much water it takes to raise a cow to the Slaughter. 
And some crab legs while yer at it. These were so fucking good. I'm just waiting for this shit to go on sale.
It's amazing. I don't care if you hate the music. I don't care if you hate that it's not metal enough.
This seriously made me laugh my ass off.
More walking dates with Daisy.
Look at that smile!
The look you get when you roll up to the skatepark...
Time to lay in the grass.
"You know why dogs do this? Because it feeeeeeeels goooooooood!"
-Robin Williams
Fischer King

I randomly found this after googling Robin Williams' name. Even je could make the Martha Stewart show entertaining. He truly is funny as fuck in this segment.



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