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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Along For The Wall Ride

Not trying to brag but life is ruling so fucking hard right now!
Just stoked to get an economy class ticket on the hype train! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Dog sitting this cute little babe.
She loves to climb around on the rocks by the beach and chase squirrels.
Visited a old Island spot. This hubba used to be a bit lower. Fuck skating on the Island anyway, full of fuckin' cops.
Pizza time! On the left is a triple pepperoni!
Swung by Route 44 for a new quiver and some deep conversation with Isaac. 
This kid rules.
Hit up the old Sorrento Valley ditch with Larue to put in some work.
BeerBonginBrockman was already there.
Tosh Rice!
Found this gem trolling on the internet. The early grab in the beginning is fucking Tosh! So gnar!
Standard AmTrak pic. Chooooooooooo choo!
It was hot as balls.
Then Brockman started getting down to business.
So much shit has gone down at this spot.
Duffman filmed a few hammers on this behemoth of a rail. Boardslide, crooks and I think backside grind.
He hammered out a bunch frontside wallrides and then got down to the task at hand.
Tosh was getting down too before he handled filming/photography duties.
Heelflip front wallride. Hard enough for ya?
Larue with a wallride yank out. So sick.
Frontside it the hard side.
Skating makes us do goofy poses.
It's a fucking make! 
Love the song Brockman skated to in "Cold War". Such a killer track. Graveyard kills it!

Brockmans skating was on point unlike my cell phone camera skills.
Then I went across the street and got me a turkey sandwich!
Still couldn't get over how gnarly this fucking thing was.
Later on I headed to work and saw the kids playing hacky-sak in the back bowl.
Ahhhhh summer time!
New shred sled! So stoked!



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