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Friday, July 17, 2015

Shred Shots- Eric Cruz, Cody Carlin, David Hodge, ItWasTheLight and Chris Larue

Welcome to yet another edition of Shred Shots!
Been lucky lately to witness some sick ass skating.
Skating fucking rules. Duh.

Eric Cruz with a wild back boneless tuck knee fountain basher?
It was blowing my mind. This kid is sick. Shockus Park.
Cody Carlin with a buttery ass back 5-0 down the mini hubba at Dallas park.
DHodge with a tall tailslide. Coronado Skatepark
Yers truly. Ollie sequence shot by ItWasTheLight with his GoPro Hero 4. It's weird seeing myself in the big blue sky. Granite Hills High School
ItWasTheLight catching some air too!
Bootleg cell phone screen shot.
Benches for days! We came back the next week and everything was fucking capped.
Skate stoppers be damned!

ItWasTheLight doing what he does best. Skating the fuck outta' the smallest spots.

Chris Larue with a sick wallride grabber yank out. Serously can't wait for the next installment from Lurkville. Those dudes have been seriously killing it!
Sorrento Valley ditch.



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