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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Birthday Grinds

I made it to 32, that would be my 11 year anniversary of being a drunk.
Skate camping.
Forever thankful that I get to do this a couple of times a year.
Shockus park. I always post up her because it's closest to the drinking fountain, but also it's where Shockus would scratch grinds.
Nothing ever comes 1st try. Especially on my birthday.
Trying to show the kids "how it's done".
Can't keep this 32 year old sweaty taint down!
WormTits greeted me at home with an awesome present!
Then I ate some leftover flank steak and beans.
Later on, dinner with the family! It was my forst time here and it didn't disappoint.
Better than Ruth Chris in my opinion.
Can't say no to key lime pie. Wasn't able to get a pic of my steak dinner due to the low lighting. Yep, no flash on my camera. Deal with it.
Then my mom gave me the best gift ever! An original "Skee Skate".
Back when skateboards were considered a childs toy. Not a mode of transportation, a way to make a living, etc....
So rad. Couldn't have asked for a better day.
I nerded out pretty hard on this thing.
More post birthday grinds. This time it was at PQ park.
I think Dolan ended up getting 3rd place. I hope Lurkville turns him pro soon.
This was too fucking good. Mike V. banged out another rad part and totally captured the fun and true essence of quiver shredding.
Local favorite, Jimmy Cao. SD represent! SKATE MAFIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Sweet panorama I took at Poods park. Can't get enough of that place.
It was a great day, barely anyone there.
Caught this kid learning 50-50's for the first time. Just watching him got me so stoked.
I have yet to scratch grinds on this thing. To psyched on the plaza.
A perfect way to end the week.



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