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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- More Cowbell, Pork Loin and Drinking at IKEA

Disclaimer: No skateboarding in todays blog.
Today is pure gluttony.
Happy belated birthday to the bub Jamie!
Gotta have more cowbell.
Making more friends.
Swollen knee playing bowling of all things.
Let's get this party started with some bacon and carmalized onions, shall we?
Part of successfully butterflying a pork loin is that you have to be the pork loin.
Do it or don't the loin will crush it.
Preparing a feast for my mom on Mother's Day.
Can't forget the cheese!
Little baked potatoes.
Tying these fuckers up was a pain in the ass.
Yet the final outcome made all the trouble worth it.
Served with apple sauce! It had been forever since I last had apple sauce.
Back to that grind.
Babe made black forest ham and cheese mini croissants and black coffee for breakfast.
My wife rules.
Except when she drags me to IKEA.
Always come prepared!
Getting ideas for wood projects.
Then we went to Costco for a slice.
He loves the back yard.
It makes a good coozie.
Yes, I wore a knee pad bowling.
MAndatory b.l.t. with pickles and onions.
I can dig it.
Mini tacos. Holy guacamole!
New vids!
Creature vid will make you wanna skate through a brick wall.
Looks like a sandworm from Beetlejuice.
Snacker on a budget.
Shred bubs.
Yellow submarine.
Tire sandwich.
What a waste.
Such a pretty creature.
On heavy rotation.


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