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Friday, March 21, 2014

EatFiend @ Ritual Kitchen & Beer Garden

EatFiend @ is checking in from...
Ritual, located in North Park on 30th and Polk right on the corner. 
I must admit that with a name like "Ritual", I thought this was some Vegan S&M hangout.
Then the wife approached me with a flyer for the place and how they were doing their 
7th Annual Alesmith 'My Bloody Valentine' Pairing Dinner
Real classy stuff!
All ales were by Alesmith. This here is the "Horny Devil".
 Served with lamb and goat cheese empanadas with Greek yogurt tzatziki.
These were fucking amazing.
Then the main course came which was an absolutely mouth watering sous vide beef filet sweet potato & 5 cheese gratin and collared greens. Personally up there with the best tasting meat I've ever had.
It was paired up with the casked conditioned "My Bloody Valentine". 
Steak and beer is the shit.
 A better picture of the casked conditioned MBV.
 Had to get a picture of this Stiegl sign. 
Reminds me of when I got black out drunk on the stuff in Austria and threw up all over our 6 person hostel room, thus waking everyone up in the process.
Fuck it, I was on vacation.
 Love this shit.
Then the final course came, which was the double chocolate creme brulee.
Paired with the Wee Heavy.

This place turned out to be amazing and it was a great Valentines day.



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