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Friday, March 14, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery: Food, Skating & Biscuit

Welcome back to another edition of M.B.
Eating, skating and shitting. That's what we do.
Where's CommNBeef at?
Who knows.
 Getting baked!
 $2 for the whole batch. Cheaper than going to the liquor store for munchies.
 Soft and warm. Mmmmmmmm mmmm.
 Art time. Painting is hard.
 10 years ago. Sitting at the Hotel Del, I met my wife.
 Morning hype.
 Machaca burrito. Biscuit looks on in jealousy.
Sorry, yer a cat, not a Mexican.
No burrito for you.
 Blowing it.
 Best purchase I've made in a while. This vid is 2 hours of shredding and tits!
 Art department.
 Wayyyyyyy too spicy.
 Get a job.
 Home avenue ditch with BornRetard.
 Knee high ledge BornRetard tried to front board. Ground was fucking rough.
 Fuck, Shit
 Pool time with Beagle. He's my favorite person to play against.
He never holds back and always pays a compliment when you make a tough shot.
A very formidable opponent.
 This place rules.
 Beautiful wives.
 Good times bowling with the crew.
 Bowl or Die!
 DonaldGately won every game. He had good form.
 Lots of fun. Can't wait to do it again.
 The best.
 Pipe jam a rama!
 Little man model.
 He's awesome.
 Jail kitty.
Disclaimer: shockingly I didn't film a single front nose.
That's so saaaaad.
 Lil' Lurkers showing their support.
 Snack time while being tortured by the wife.
 More morning hype.
 Big ass grasshopper that climbed up my glass door. So sick.



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