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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery: SB Stuff and Living the Good Life

Welcome back to another edition of M.B.
 Good times are being constantly had. Enjoy the food and other radness that I bring to you!
 Sweet tri-pod for my Flip camera.
 2 for $5 at Fiesta Market. That's a good deal!
 We went inside to see if there were any good deals, but it was virtually empty.
 LadyLarb made a shit load of these for the Super Bowl party.
 And these. Cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers.
 Some damn good cheese sticks were made too.
 Stacking bricks of cheese like I stack slappy grinds. Ha!
 WormTits was on the pepperoni slicing department.
 Wrap those cheese sticks in bacon, batter them and deep fry them and you got yerself a delicious snack right there, bub!
 Feeding station. So this is Super Bowl 47, Seattle Seahawks VS. Denver Broncos.
All I have to say is that I have never seen a beatdown this embarassing in Super Bowl history.
Fuck Peyton Manning and all of those "Manning Fans" out there. Yer all a bunch of bandwagoning bozos.
 Killer tri tip LordBlah made. It was friggin' delicious.
 Morning hype.
 Beautiful morning session at Carlsbad skatepark. This place rules.
 Sweet little baby clam shell.
 Mellow hubba and stairs. Right up my alley!
 Get yer Pier 7 on...
 I suggest going in the morning for maximum shredding. Less people.
 That bacon strip is the funnest thing ever.
 Tricks for days.
 A tit and a mission bell. Super hard and intimidating to carve over.
 The bowls are pretty killer too!
 Can't grind the coping yet but it's fun to hit that tile!
 Butterface doing some hip shit on his phone.
 Morning hype.
 Basically the greatest skate story ever told.
All hail Cardiel.
 DHodge UnCut Shit Show part is up on the blog. Watch it. The kid rips.
 My little fucker.
 More UnCut Shit Show stuff. I think this is the BornRetard karaoke special. It's all under the video category.
 Editing at work,
 Real life Gonzo.
 Chicken stew. Comfort food.
 Lurkville rules.

 This video is so gnarly. I'm sure I've talked plenty about it.
 The best TWS video in my opinion.
 Commercial I made for the Lurkville dudes.
 Handsome lil' man.
 2nd best TWS video.
 Stinky's birthday at Benihanas. Turns out dinner isn't too expensive if yer not drinking.
 Some entertaining shit.
 Smart lil' fucker found the heating blanket.
 When one walks home drunk, one will never home what he comes home with.
 More morning hype.
 Mexican stand off with Mr.Lizard.
 Moto X show at Qualcomm stadium. So much fun.
 America, fuck yea.



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