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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Tuesday: Building a QP with ItWasTheLight & Butterface

You ever have those days where you get a case of the fuckits and it's just too damn hot to go skate?...
This post is one of those days. 
 Stolen parking block from O'Reilys Auto parts parking lot.
 Each sheet of ply wood cost $17 in change and the rest of the woods (2X4's etc.) were already in my backyard, due to the fact that I garbage pik lumber in my alley.
 Couldn't have made it happen without the use of Butterfaces truck. Thanks bub!
 We got started right away considering it was kind of a late start. It was hot as balls in garage.
 Taking measurement's. Figuring out the dimensions. This is easier if you haven't been fucking around with the devils lettuce...
 That's fucking team work!
 Then, sadly Butterface had to bail to go to work.
Fuck work.
 Looks like it's just you and I bub! Once I freestyled the hand drawn transition and we made our first cut, then the ball was rolling!
 Just looking at it like this made me wanna shred it!
Doh! Gotta make the ramp, duh.
 ItWasTheLight was on the timelapse aspect of it. Not only is he an excellent video technician, he is also a great blunt/pizza/taco technician as well!
 Lots of dust everywhere! MANSHIT!
 Slowly the ramp began to take form as we drilled more support beams into it, and the sun began to set.
 Almost there.
 Always looking for them new angles.
 Behold! The best QP I (personally) have ever built. I've built many of boxes and pvc flat bars in my day, but this was a first. And it has a fucking parking block for coping! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck yea!
 ItWasTheLight with the first skate photo on it. As seen on Instagram...
 Shot #2.
Thanks Jeff for putting up with my temper tantrums. My hands were getting sore and the fucking drill bits/screws kept getting stripped.
Real fun stuff!
I crown thee the "No Hans Ramp"!

Now enjoy the artistry of ItWasTheLight and the beautiful vids he made!



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