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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Goes To NYC

Let's get started, as is tradition...
Pre flight beer. I was hyped.
After landing and a two hour commute via L train, I had finally arrived.
Finally got to meet this little guy. So adorable.

I had arrived! Photo by the bub Capt.Sahi.
Mega ramp.
The bub Gautam had work when I arrived, so I took the opportunity to wander around the Big Apple.
This painting was on the outside of a psychic card reader's place of business. The owner, whom was a gypsy woman said "Hey, you can't do that!" My response was "I just did." And kept on walking.
Then I was paranoid she put a curse on me.
Home of the show Impractical Jokers.
A city filled with rich history and culture.
Finally got to look at this awesome structure.
Every time I see a church over 100 years old, it's almost always under construction.
Food stop number 1 as recommended by HamBone.
Old style diner occupied by an old timer.
A most excellent b.l.t. with cheese.
Spicy mango's in a bag. I should have bought some.
Legendary spot check. Madison Square Garden. The double set has been killed, but few have stepped to the gap to golden rail.
Billy Rohan with the backside noseslide is fucking amazing...
But Brian Anderson's front board is the tits. I remember the Toy Machine ad sequence in my head, but can't find it on the web.
I was in an empire state of mind.
'Nuff said.
I had to walk around and take pictures from all angles. Plus the sun was making everything look real good,
Proud to say my immigrant great-grandfather help build this amazing stucture.
Well, that was fun.
Then it was time to start day one of my pub crawl. After all, I did decide to show up to NYC during a friggin' heat wave. All the pubs and bars boasted that they have a/c to get patrons inside and out of the heat. I came upon Desmond's Tavern on Park avenue just a short distance from the Empire State Building.
Guinness gives me strength.
After two pints and a shot, I was feeling all loosey-goosey. Time to get a picture of the joint before leaving..... There we go...
Pub number two. Shot and a beer for $5.
Dark and mellow is how I like them. All the bars are named after the original owners I guess.
McSwiggin's is located on 2nd avenue.
And another shoot and a brew. This time it was $4.50. 
The farther away I got from the Empire State building the cheaper alcohol got.
Again, on 2nd avenue. This place was actually a designated Boston fan hangout.
I can dig it.
Beautiful people everywhere!
Be forewarned, I took a lot of street art/ tags/ graffiti pictures.
NYC girls.
Wound up at this spot due to the recommendation of the bartender at Proffesor Thom's.
They only serve beer (light ale or dark ale). Lot's of head. Reminded me of how they served beer in the Czech. Republic. Luckily, it was cheap. Both beers for $5!
I definitely drank my fill.
Saw dust on the floor. My kinda old style joint.
Basic menu. Love it.
I think this was Hunter S. Thompson. Apparently this was his favorite bar in NYC.
Cheese, onions and crackers! Plus, more beer! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Possibly NYC's oldest pub.
The place was packed filled with people conversating. No televisions or loud music.
Just cheese, onions, crackers, people to chat with and beer to keep the conversation flowing.
.....on a mission from God...
Let's just say this song pretty much describes how the beer was making me feel.....
I was feeling alright!
Back at the bub's house I came across an excellent recipe.
Then we went out for an evening stroll and some dinner.
We were in the mood for some sushi.
Spot was packed. On to the back up plan.
Cheers to these two!
A sushi feast!
Cute love birds. Poor evening shot.
Then it was a drunken walk back. Many beers and saki shots were consumed.
This was everywhere. It made me laugh every time.
Honey Mooners.
Then it was to the roof for a night cap. Day one was a great success!
I was falling in love already.


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