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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Gluttony, Wild Animal Park Time and Shredding

Wish you were beer...
The old gut buster. A decent meal for under $5.
No complaints here.
Ribs. This is at that new spot in North Park called the Encontro located on 30th and University boulevard. Right on the corner. Good place to wet your whistle, chow some grub and people-watch.
Not pictured is the mac 'n cheese the wife had and honestly it was better than the ribs!  
Mint ice cream is my jam. Haven't been to an ice cream parlor in so long.
 Bridge drinking with ItWasTheLight.
No fotografia. DonaldGately
WormTits looking creepy.
We started here...
Now we are here. EATFIEND!

Best tasting bourbon for yer buck!
Evening hype.
The next morning, hungover at the new City Heights skatepark.
The deadly cute puppy eyes.
Pool party. My fat ass needs two pools.
One to chill in, one for my beer.
The Del. Used to be a bunch of awesome skate spots here. Now it's full of yuppies and tennis courts.
Bald eagle at the Wild Animal Park. This place rules.
It rules even harder when you have a drinking bub!
Spirit animal.
Almost as big as a gorilla.
LadyLarb, not so much.
Nachos and beer. The day was shaping out alright.
Beats being at work.
Sleeping kitty.
Bat shit crazy these two...
Grinds at Shockus park.
This place rules.
Sleepy Biscuit. This is the look he gives me when I'm getting ready for work.
Sesh at Alga Norte with the bub.
Skate camp.
Best burger graphic ever. Period.
Santorini burger at Crazee Burger kills it. The fries are so good!
Gluttony at its finest.

I'm not a big Guy Fierri fan but.......
Night moves at the new Kimball Skatepark down in National City.


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