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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Goes To NYC part 2

Woke up hungover and didn't let it stop me from exploring more of NYC!.....
Nothing a couple of greasy slice's can't handle.
Chilled at this spot while I corresponded with the bub Joe.
More sightings of "Impractical Jokers" film sites.
People every where.
Young versus old. At least the old man has him beat on the comfy chair department.
People everywhere. Kinda made me feel like New Yorker's are crabby because they are always bumping into one another.
I really loved the subway. All I could think of was "The Warriors" every time I entered one.
One of my favorite movies.
Wish I had my own Bat-cave.
As seen in every car chase ever.
Met up with he bub Joseph.
We went skateboarding for a bit.
The shred level of the locals was very high.
The park was also heaps of fun!
Small, but it has everything you need.
Post session beers.
I was thirsty.
Glorified b.l.t.
To the bar for another round.
Oh yea, I was in Brooklyn.
He wasn't stoked when I asked the bar tender to take our picture.
Looks like the Penguin...
Most of our exchanges kinda went like this...
And the booze kept a flowin'.
Spot check.
Nerding out on how far the gap was.
Wait a sec....
..... fuckin', shit yea, like that......
.......whoopsy daisy....
Something I wish I lived by.
Cops in mini cars. It was kinda weird.
We dork'd around a little more.
Then it was off to the next watering hole.
More funny graffiti I saw on the sidewalk.
Had to stop for a moment and take it in.
New York, New York....
Bombing the bike path.
You could fly on this thing it was super fun, super smooth.
Speeding up.
 At the bottom, last time I saw one of these was in Chicago 2013!
My kinda dive, my kinda prices.
Drinks with these two.
Next stop.
Then the bub turned into a gremlin.
These things happen.
Every time a car got close to him, he'd wack it's bumper with his skateboard and keep on walking.
Full on vodka black out.
Like I said, these things happen.
Then without warning he just decides to take a nap.
We had a long walk back to Brooklyn. The bub was hammered and I didn't feel comfortable letting him stumble home by himself.
Like I said, it was a long ways to go.
He was pooped.
Then it was time for another piss.
Started making some progress...
Then I look over my shoulder and he;s like this.
I gotta say, I do like his choicer of pillow.
You can tell he's making progress 'cuz the tags keep changing.
We've all had to do this for a friend.
It was a fun night! Beats being at work!

It's been a bang so far.... Continued in part 3...


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