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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Spooky

Take it all in....
....exhale, exhale, exhale...
We be crazy.
Biscuit time.
All hail Sr. Mangos!
FAE sesh with TheKing and Webster.
Grilled to perfection.
Chicken tacos and ribs! Yeeeeeee-haw!
Make a wish.
 Every time I get the crazy-eye from Igby I think of Prodigy.
Case in point. This is the song he would probably plot my death to.
Passed out in style.
 Spot check. Unfortunately I don't remember where.
 Killer double set rails that I've got nothing for.
 Tombstone at the park.
 De-husked lobster.
 Don't remember what these were. We were at Stake Chop House.
Good, but expensive.
Only house on the block representing.


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