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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- EatFiend Goes to NYC part 4

This was my last day and I was not happy to go back to work...
 -1 star accommodations. Free bed bugs!
 Beautiful places to sit but no skateboarding allowed.
 Squashed rat. These things are scampering everywhere during the night.
 Freedom tower.
 Artsy fartsy.
 More pizza please!
 Can't argue with those prices.
 One but never done.

 Met up with the bub Brock! I've known him since he was 10 or 11.
Now he goes to school in Virginia and was meeting some friends in the city, he had time to kill and we met up for a session! So stoked!
 LES (lower east side) skatepark was poppin'.
 A legit park with plenty of stuff to shred in the shade.
 Beautiful architecture.
 Grinds and lines for days!
 Lots of tranny with buttery coping. Nothing was higher than 4 feet.
 Right next to the park was this legendary hubba.
 Gate was locked. A lot of heavy shit has gone down on this thing skateboard wise.
 Looked at this double set for a bit. My favorite trick done down it is Dustin Dollin's gap to 50-50 down the second set ledge.
 Post skate session brew. Cheers bubba!
 Jew York
 YURP! I love The Wire.
 Meatballs and egg!
 Beautiful art everywhere. Never did I think I would see Bill Murray, Bat-Trump and Homo Riot all in one place. That's New York for ya...
 I scream, you scream....
 Last pizza shop in NYC.
 The old two slice routine. Budweiser is mandatory.
 I dig the sign.
 Subway ride with this crew! 
 Later New York.
 I was constantly taking pictures of maps to make sure I didn't get lost.
 Fabricating G-man.
 Meatball and orange juice. Lunch of champions. 
 Later bub. I love you.
 Pre-flight jitters.
 Last dive bar in NYC.
 My last picture taken in NYC. Time to take the subway to the airport.
 Then it was a 5 hour delay home.


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