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Friday, November 25, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- 2016 Draft Party Shennanigans

This here blog marks the start of me having a new phone! Good bye IPhone, hello Droid Motorola 2!
Better phone = superior camera quality = me taking more photos of the daily awesomeness I usually share with you all!
Deviled eggs being made by the devil himself.
You know who.
Let the 2016 Larb League draft party begin!
WhiskeySlimeMike showed up in usual form.
For the record.
He loves his bed!
Almost the end.
Then the beast awakens...
The next morning, garden time with Biscuit.
Extra yawn.
Then on to another draft party! Love me some pizza.
The Nado League now has a trophy.
We got to party in a 3rd floor office meeting room. It was luxurious.
Big-O made it out! This guy has known me since I was a young buck.
My shart on the right.
Food everywhere.
When it was all said and done.
ChargerSquirrel hoisting her trophy! She's the 2015 reigning champion!
Elevator time to bail.
Oh yea, Colin was there too!
A re-cap of LarbLeague draft.
Exploring my photo options.
Kooks. Except the guy in the middle.
Back to shredding this place.


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