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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- No Skating For BornRetard

I've said it before I'll say it again!
Punch the ticket, take the ride....
The BornRetard ride that is.
That's my jam right there. I miss the Colbert Report.
Shred vibes on the Island.
Protein style.
Poods park.
Nice and empty.
This thing is rad.
Poker night.
Squad. Never gets old exchanging money with these bubs.
Day off vibes.
Island walk with this babe.
The perks of dog sitting.
Random painting I found on the sidewalk in North Park.
What a beauty.
Speaking of beauty..... Lines for days.
Cody was eyeing up the spot. I told him some kid kickflipped it to the street.
Such a banger.
Whooooooaaaaaa MAMA! I must confess I never ate cheesecake until the wife introduced it to my life some few years ago.
Mexican candy vibes.
Luigi's pizza is the shit. I like the chewy crust.
Now on to the dirtbag of the hour.
Went to the old Point Loma red curb banks. BornRetard was drunk already pretending to skate.
On the ground is ItWasThelight, post slam suffering.
Making lame ass prank calls to Eastern Boarder.....
E.B.- "Hello?"
Nans- "Yea, uhhhhh you guys got the Tom Green, Birdhouse pro model? I heard he rips."
E.B.- Uhhhhh, no.
Nans- "Hahaha, what's up, this is Hans. I used to work there 5 years ago. Remember me?"
E.B.- Uhhhhhh, no.....
Meanwhile BornRetards pandamonium of stupidity we decided to go lurk at Correa Middle School for some 90's vibe shredding.
I boardslid this rail back when I was 17! Took me like a billion tries...
Legendary spot. If you made it to the pro ranks in skateboarding, chances are you hopped this set/rail.
Hammer time.
BornRetard still making crappy phone calls. Why skate when your friends are skating? That'd be stupid....
Then we headed over to Pacific Drive for some lurking and BornRetard found a pair of ratty-ass skate shoes in the garbage that he wanted to keep. What a bum.
The struggle is real for this one.
Meanwhile, the bubs were ripping on such a beautiful day!
"Whatdya' want frum-me?"
Sleepy time.
Morning hype.
Pay day.
Bacon, beans and nacho cheese. 
Better than Taco Bell.
Always stoked to see the bub Mike Abarta rocking the EF coozie.
My spot. They take walk ins. No appointment necessary.
See his pink belly?
Beer can chicken-bone nowison....
Bacon is mandatory.
This bird is cooked.
My spot.
Protein style. I'm a classy guy.
No surprise that he's not skating.
I guess you could say he's a professional smoker/talker-of-things-nobody-gives-a-shit-about.
"I'm moving to Philly."
Yea, yea, I'll believe it when I see it.
One more for old times sake.
Post skating/beers, I hung out with BornRetard at his pad.
He showed off his garbage bag collection.
I was rather impressed with how neatly he keeps them all folded.
"Check this one out." 
"I got this bag at a hardcore show after Jello Biafra puked in it. I used it as a coozie for the next week!"
Penny is cutey.
Pissing off a bridge. 'Cuz it's his god given right.
Plus, free car wash!
Old pad. Kinda miss this place.
"Take a picture of me in front of the garage I used to live in."
From a garage, to a apartment, to a basement.
Turned into a shit-ramp.
He was having a good 'ole time.
I found him.
The next day.
Disc golf vibes with this crew.
This wild bunch...


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