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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Skateboard Reanimation Ritual

Oh, your bored? Why not try being skate-board!
This blog is dedicated to Sam Hitz for promoting hacking up old shred sleds and revitalizing old boards. Just because it looks like shit doesn't mean that it's ready for the trash....
One mans trash is another man's treasure! I was psyched to get this project going!

Here's some classic Skate Rock while you view today's blog.
I miss Route 44.
Fucking thrashed!
Peeling the grip off and getting the sticky gunky glue off was time consuming and hell on the hands.
Cleaned it up with some acetone.
Tiny little plastic trucks I've been holding on to for years. Now I have a project for them!
Thanks Neil for letting borrow yer jig-saw bub!
No template, just straight up little kid freestyle!
I went with a coffin shape. Spoooooooooooky!
Then I went over to Neils house to use his vice grip and sander. Plus his work bench is at an appropriate height.
It was coming along!
Nice and smooth.
Mounted the trucks. Shitty little plastic trucks, but I didn't have the heart to throw them away.
Just need a sheet of grip tape! Psyched!
Shred sleds.
Neil snapped this photo of me sanding away. Good times!
Igby was into it!
I later sold this little shred sled for $5 at my yard sale!
It was fun, I suggest you go make one yourself.


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