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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Aliens In My Freezer & Skate Night BBQin'

Warning: No aliens were actually seen during the conception of this blog.....
It would be really cool if there was a pro-carnivore cover band of Morrissey. 
All the songs are about chowing down on some pork butts and chicken wings!
The bub Tim and I crushe d afew pints at this place. I like Gilly's.
Stopped by Slappy's Garage for a DGK signing. Unfortunately both Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis were not present. Oh well!
Ripping flyer.
I like to touch all of the boards on the wall.
Decent turn out.
Spot check.
Went on over to the Monkey Paw for a sandwich and a couple of pints.
Spot check!
Enjoying the new phone.
Also enjoying some Mexican candy. I'm sure this stuff has plenty of lead in it.
Hot dogs and fries. I am but a simple man with simple taste.
Awesome graphic on this bottle of wine.
More hot dogs. Different day.
Love me some Filiberto's. Heavy on the sauce.
Pizza slut.
Obviously the art department is hard at work.
The Island.
Fartsy shartsy.
Looked inside my freezer.... what is that?
Then it faded away.
Encinitas work site.
I like to clear my head at this place. Skate rat shit only. I don't wanna talk about work, politics or your girl problems. I just wanna skate!
DonaldGately's doppelganger.
Biscuit loves the itchen.
Weird little coffin creep-doll I found in my alley.
Love me a good Robo-Cop meme.
All hail the Costco pizza. Cheapest lunch in town.
Thousand yard stare.
When you leave to go to work in the morning and you look in your garden and realize you ate carne-asada fries in the bushes the night before. So it goes!
Sleepy kitty admiring his decaying mouse carcass the the ants were feeding on.
He was very pleased with himself.
Decay, rot, feed....
Flyer for my awesome job.
Emerica hype since Made Chapter 2 had just gone viral. I like to psyche the kids up!
Killer moon.
Good turn out at the Skate Night Bbq.
Hot dog party!
The bub Stewart goes hard.
Backside ollie in the night.
These bubs rip!
A few hours later at the Cricket, he wanted to show me his little dance.
He's got some sweet moves for a stumbler.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!


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