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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shred Shots- July thru Septmeber 2016, Cody Carlin, Chris Larue, Juicey Mayhew, DHodge, Jimmy Carlin, Christian Ottobre, Stewart Rife, Andy Klein and Joseph Barnes

Take a look through the lense and capture some shredding.
Documentation isn't always mandatory, but it is always fun to look at something at the end of the day.

Cody Carlin with a front 180 over the trash can at Old Town Elementary.
He then later late shuved it. Fucking awesome.

The stoke is always high at this place.

JuicyMayhew, back blunt at PD.

Larue with a slappy 5-0 at a recent PD visit. That place is so fun!

DHodge slapping the curb.

The whole lot.

Jimmy Carlin. Young hucker. Bank of America, 2000-'01.

Christian Ottobre..... Mission Valley night session. 2001-'02ish.

Zero or Die.
Photo on the right, frontside boardslide. Yers truly.

Yours truly at Coroinado skatepark.
Heavy rock 'n roll by Stewart. He has gotten so good in such a short time.
Birthday boy boardslide.
Stewart with a boardslide.

Joseph in Brooklyn, NYC.
Poser of the month!


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