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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- 9Five Pics, Food Pics, Petco Pics, City Heights Mini Parks Pics

Pretty psyched to be apart of such an awesome scene. Skateboarders are family!
  9Five premiere in downtown San Diego. The bub Tim and featured star Kellen James!
Crazy ass Jimbo Carlin. Love the moustache.
It was good stuff. I re-posted the vid a few weeks ago.
Monthly problems. 
Off to a ball game!
Loving my new camera. 21 mega pixels!
Me and my pops at a Red Sox versus Padres!
A glorious breakfast burrito.
Bad ass.
The next day! Back to back Sox games! Woo hoo!
The clouds looked awesome.
It was also DonaldGatelys birthday.
Reminiscing on an old drop-in.
Night moves.
  Excellent weather. Drinking and stinking in the shadows.
Seared tuna.
I don't really cook fish too often. I should get on it more often.
  It came out delicious.
  Biscuit was loving the smell in the air.
Work lunch.
Working on the next Shit Show. Slowly yet surely.
All of these pics were poached from the office and he did all of them in one line. I was on point baby!
Dinner time.
Arby's curly fries. Better than the bottom shelf frozen fries.
This is how I like to set up shop. 
 Steak tacos.
New whip! Love ya CT!
Made a pit stop by Slappy's Garage. This place rules. Fair prices and a ramp out front to shred.
Gotta show some love!
Then the bub's came to meet up for a sesh. DHodge, like a little brother to me.
EF going strong! Yea, Stewart!
Our destination was close by. It's a 'mini park' because it's rather small; but also it's just half of the whole skatepark that has yet to be built (on the other side of interstate 15).
Still heaps of fun nonetheless.
Shred bubs.
Later at PQ park, The King.
Obligatory quiver shot. This is a fun crew to shred with.


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