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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Bronx Pizza / Valley Center DIY / Pala Park

The next good meal is right around the corner! The next good skate session is right around the corner! Don't let the highs get you too high or the lows get you too low. That way your never disappointed!
Stopped by the old Bronx Pizza the other day. Between this place, La Posta and the liquor store I've spent alot of cash here, had many eat and greets and stuffed my drunken face with my fair share of burritos.
 Located at 111 Washington street, San Diego CA 92123
Cash only.
Yep, still the same and I don't want it any other way!
I used to drunk dial this place on National holidays and leave voicemails wishing the staff a Merry Cristmas, Happy Labor Day or whatever. I need to start doing that again!
I fear no pizza. Looking at this pic right now makes me so fucking hungry.
I later posted this pic on Instagram and the wife was pissed I didn't pick her up any slices.
I don't blame her.
Had the pleasure of taking a Skate Camp to Valley Center DIY!
Came here a year ago and rolled my ankle on this corner pocket. I was hyped to get to shred it!
Huge improvement. 
Beastly boosting beeramid.
You can see by the installed coping that the DIY crew has big plans for this place!
It's fun to carve under a tree!
It's been making huuuuuuuuuge strides since it was started.
The bub Stewart was hot-rodding around. Pretty much the same way he skates.
Corner pocket boardslide, CHECK!
ZERO artifact.
Kermit the frog was roasted.
2 minute hike.
Te house that 18 built. 
Meth heads are thriving in this economy.
I picked up the old decks scattered throughout the park and decided to hang them on the fence.
Maybe someone will follow suit and do the whole fence!
Maybe some shit-head kid will throw them back in the tree!
Who knows.
After a lunch break we hit up this place! Pala Skatepark is always a good time!
Ledges for days.
We were dusted. Legs were like noodles.
Gotta keep pushing!
He found a new sleeping spot.
Trash dug this. Missing two screws. EF pop-up  shop coming soon!
Still have some Fucking Hunbgry shirts left in sizes small, medium and x-large for $25!
Hit a bub up!


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