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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Burn It All Down, Jamba-liar and Curb Shredding

'Nuff said.
Get -em while they are hot!
Shred sesh at Old Town Elementary!
Skaters tri-pod filming selfies!
You know how we do!
Solitude can be the best part of skating. Having a one on one battle with a curb reminds me of being a loner kid that skated the same bus bench day in and day out.
The next day was a good old Memo sesh with my boo Chris Larue!
Then it was off to the grocery store for some dinner action and provolactics!
Nailed it!
DTSD club scene be poppin' on the weekends. I like to stay as far away as possible.
Let's get this party started! Chicken thieghs were the main ingredient!
As well as ham!
And lots of veggies!
Evil Igby
All systems go!
Oh yea, I made ribs too!
Never forget.
Video hype!
I got a bowl session in at Nado park. That place never gets old.
Veterinarian ambassador.
Night moves!
Happy belated birthday Cody!
Josh Kasper came by the park and I was psyched!
Wax her up!
Then we were kicked out by an overenthusiastic City of San Diego Fire fighter.
On to the next spot!
Back to this old spot again! Luckily it was another cloudy day! I don't think I'll be lucky next time.
Nonetheless I was hyped to have my best bubs there!
Here comes trouble!
Happy belated birthday Neil! I'd been saving this patch for you forever and finally rememebered to give it to you!
Ono-Grinds off 30th street in North Park. The meat was really overcooked. 
I'll be back again, but I'll probably try another item.
He's the best.
Jamba-liar! Ak.a. moosh!


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