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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- San Diego Zoo Day & Monkey Paw Pub

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the San Diego Zoo....
After all, it is the best bar in San Deigo! Plus, it's good to experience nature!
Apes don't have tails....
Monkeys do!
Leopard paw prints.
Checked out the new "Africa Rocks" exhibit.
The wife was loving the penguins.
Psych-rock posters.
Coming soonish.
Under the Spell of the Zoo!
No flash...
Flash! What's with my face?
These things were everywhere.
Picture of a picture of a panda eating.
Chowing down.
Then this furry beast!
Big fan.
Look at those claws!
Furry butt!
Handsome looking bear right there.
Chillin' cheetah.
Giraffe time!
These things were nimble giants!
Stupid people and their stupid kids.....
Speaking of stupid.
I'm all about it!
Picked up a gift for a friend.
Then we went to the Monkey Paw to wet our whistles!
There food is top notch in my opinion.
Cheese steak sandwich on point!
Nom nom nom nom...................
Evening hype!
Lurkville graphics killing it as always.
Work lunch topped with sriracha sauce!
Stoked on the newest Raynolds shoe!


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