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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- NorCal Shredding in Palo Alto

Took a 5 day vacation to blow some steam off!.....
Cheers babe! We were off to catch a flight to Palo Alto!
Calm as Hindu cows...
Nice thing about Southwest is that they don't take cash. So when their credit card machine was not functioning they just comp'd me the double Jack & Coke that I ordered.
Downed our drinks and we landed forty-fivr minutes later and then boom, straight to a bar!
Made a friend.
Carpenter bee in jail.
Bbq time that was shut down due to the fact that I was too drunk.
Picture me rollin'!
Lets get down to business.
Googled on my phone the closest skatepark and it directed me to Palo Alto's, Greer Skatepark!
A complete noping park!
Does anyone give a shit about the new movie coming out? It seems like Marvel is doing a good job butchering the fuck outta my favorite childhood comics. I'm sold on it though 'cuz Tom Hardy is the shit.
Apparently this park was built back in 1991.
It's official, this is the oldest skatepark I've ever shredded.
I was kinda feeling like this octopus at the moment.
"No one in particular."
The wife snapped this pic.
I had to be that dude and have her film a clip of me.
Then it was on to the next park a couple of miles away.
Then we went to another park! 
This place offered alot. There was a skate camp happening and it was fun to watch how other people operate their programs.
Fun little bowl section3.5' with a .5' extension.
Then the shit got gnarly.
Big scary walls.
This little peninsula damn near had me convinced that I could transfer it!
And then monkeys flew outta my butt!
Then the bowl transitioned into the really deep end.
I wanna come back here again so bad.
Where were all the hesheres?
Had almost zero local vibe. Maybe it was just too early in the day.
The long ledge on the right was heaps of fun.
I was also digging the street stuff.
Kids nowadays give me weird looks when I cruise the street section.
Then I start busting the noseslides and board skidders.
...scroll through...
...real fast.... looks like .....
......I'm going really fast!
Love me some train tracks!
Time to crack a few brews while we waited for our ride!
All that shredding in the sun had made me thirsty!
The we were off to a bier garden! Beer Thirty to be exact!
Located at 2504 S.Main street, Soquel CA 95073
Don't leave home without it!
I was aching for some grub!
Digital beer list. La-dee-da!
This, hands down has to be top 3 best grilled cheeses I've ever had.
The little man of the week!
So NorCal with the "hella".
Then it was off to our living quarters for the next few days. I had zero complaints.
This was hanging in the garage. 
Plus, I just stayed drunk with the dogs!
We tried to walk the pier, but it was under construction. Womp, womp.
Ooooooooooooooooooooooo yea!
Late night walk and found myself standing infront of an art gallery poaching photos of these little 3"x3" pics all containing things I love!
Like pool-hall-kittys!
Mountaineer kitty!
Road trip kittys!
I love kittys!

Continued in part 2!


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