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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- School Shredding & Cutting Board EatFiendary

Another exciting blog of investigative skateboarding/foodie journalism that nobody gives a hoot aboot!
Enjoy with a pie!
Colorful curbs! Sadly they did not slappy very well.
Like etchings in a cave by early man, the homo-skat-sapian also leaves behind it's mark.
Then I turn the corner and the SK8MAFIA was in full effect.
A heavy session of heavy hitters ensued. I put my camera away for awhile.
When all was said and done, the bub Cody Carlin rode away victorious as did the 'MAFIA squad.
The clip Cody landed is on my Instagram acct. @eatfiend.
Deep thoughts with the Velvet Underground.
Time to finish up this cutting board project..... Y'know, the one I smashed my thumb with a hammer?
Remember that post?
I plained it down with the belt sander. Lots and lots of belt sanding.
Nice and squared off too!
After I routed it I gave it a good dose of some wood sealer called "Good Stuff"..
One more shot with the sun! I was hyped!
The bub DavidJ aka Hard Nook Life sent me this photo of him doing a back nose grind at Mammoth skatepark in my FUCKING HUNGRY shirt! So fucking stoked! Thanks for the support bub!
Leftovers for lunch the EATFIEND way!
Ripping griptape off of boards is hell on the hands and tedious work.
However, I was hyped to get started on another cutting board.
Went on a Home Depot run with the bub Neil. Secret drinking was a lot of fun!
The next day I found myself in the old FAE.
Can someone explain to my why the fuck quinoa is so damn expensive?
SHED bbq sauce!
I have no complaints! Tasty and salty!


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