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Friday, November 6, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Bates Nut Farm and Skating w/ Butterface

Welcome, welcome, welcome!
First full Mandatory Bloggery consisting of all IPhone quality pictures!
Later old phone. It was great while it lasted. You served me well.
Taco time!
Testing out the zoom on Igby.
Testing out the new timelapse app.
In case you've been wondering whats been going down at Wal-Mart lately.
These peeps nailed it!
Stopped by Bates Nut Farm with the wife up in Valley Center.
Look at that happy pig in the mud!
Llamas? I think.
Furry dudes.
Red velvet to die for cake. They charge this by the pound it's so fucking good.
Not sure why this pic came out blurry. But nonetheless we had a blast picking out our pumpkins.
Wandering through the patch.
LadyLarb is good at finding the good ones.
I was having a blast. Nerding it up on my new phone.
Scarecrow contest.
Jake. Handsome furry fucker.
Next year Halloween costume goal.
Skate rat.
Butterface. Business as usual.
Trying to get used to the shutter speed of an IPhone (which is much faster).
Still too early.
You can't see it, but he is on the phone in this picture.
Butterface oozes stee!
Look at this cock running around in the alley.



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