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Monday, November 9, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Zombie BornRetard Halloween 2015 Special AKA HANS WEEK DAY 1

Welcome everyone! 
Today we here at EatFiend headquarters decided to dedicate this whole week of M.B. to our favorite slimeball, BornRetard!
 Here we have a recent video of some post WSVT Halloween contest fun and sure enough the tides turned for the worse, a shit ton of beer was drank and Zombie BornRetard had arrived.
 This video makes me laugh every time. So many good quotes!

Troll the blog tomorrow for some more BornRetard content, as we go through the archives
and take time to appreciate how truly amazing (and shitty at the same time) this awesome human being is! Also there will be new exclusive footage from the depths of "the vault", all BornRetard content!



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