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Friday, November 27, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- WSVT Halloween Skate Jam & Shinnanigans

WSVT and Route 44 threw a bad ass Halloween event.
Let the fun ensue!
Best trick, best slam, biggest air and longest grind. Most importantly, FOOD!
Started the morning off with a Chicken parmesan sandwich. Black Flag style!

Picked up BornRetard and ItWasTheLight for some awesome Halloween shredding!
Next to the pillar I think is Auby Taylor. One of three other people dressed like myself (old school skater).
Bridge Kids tuning up.
Cheech Marin was shredding.
Blurry ass photo.
Big Johnny holding down the event. Collecting donations for raffle tickets.
This Mickey Mouse will fuck you up.
He fucking rips on a skateboard too!
Lots of people. One or two shredders at a time, don't want anyone slamming into one another.
T.C.'s Dowdy dressed as a serial killer from American Horror Story.
Thumbs up!
Weska checking that frontside flip footy from ItWasTheLight.
Kremer nailed his costume so hard. Sick to see SOTY at the bridge shredding!
Raffle/prize station. And a kid dressed as a Mormon?
So I found $20 on the ground and I donated it to the park, 2 minutes later I check to see if my raffle tickets had been called, and I won! Karma worked its way real quick right there!
Needless to say I grabbed the Cardiel board! So fucking stoked!
High 5's from fellow skate nerds was awesome. Everyone was stoked for everyone!
Lefty handling the grilling duties.
Brandon Perelson on the drums, Juan from SqueeGee Prints on bass and his bub on the guitar.
They were jamming a bunch of Adolescents and other awesome as shit punk jams.
BornRetard talking off the FilipinoKings ear.
Cedric! This kid has been coming to Coronado park since he was 5! He's a fine young man now! Stoked to see him come up right! This day he was the Joker minus the make-up.
The bub Issac who works at Route 44 and had been coming to Coronado park since he was 6 also won the raffle! Hewitt board? Hyped!
Where's Waldo?
I know for a fact Brandon Perelson won best slam (popped wrist) and most likely won biggest air.
That bub kills.
Beers were flowing!
Later on, I came home to a MyPoyle. So fucking greasy.
Puffer face.
Clinebell and one handsome pussy-Larue-kitty!
Keep yer eyes on the prize. We ended up bailing on a show at Bar Pink and opted for funner times at Blue Foot.
The wife went as Jerry Only from the Misfits. "HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"
This was honestly my favorite costume of the night.
He even brought a carton of milk to keep it extra greasy.
 Larue with his BeetleBabe.
I think that was Danny Wallace in the mummy costume and I have no idea who or what the corn-row guy was. ATL twin? I dunno.
Woke up the next morning hung way over and saw that The Muska himself commented on my video. It got me hyped for the day...



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