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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Last Days of My Droid Phone

One of the last blogs of the final days of my old Samsung shit-Droid. Enjoy the post. 
Better quality pics coming soon!
Scooter and Brandon Perelson stopped by the park for a few hours and shredded. Love having these dudes around. So good at the shred sled.
"Just walk away..."
/By the time you read this, Chicano skate plaza should be open! Yaaaaaaaaay!
More skateparks = good times!
Speaking of good times. Guccibucks dad is looking stylin'!
Spot check in Chula Vista. This rail is very skateable.
Mexican food lunch date.
Tim was really hyped on the hot sauce selection.
"Nom nom nom...."
Later that evening, Zensei sushi with the wife.
Got the "fire starter" roll and it was filled with whole jalapenos. So damn hot.
Butterface always on them camp vibes.
Bacon TJ dog. Got this bad boy from a little old Mexican lady slingin' these outside of a liquor store.
Worth every fucking penny!
Crushing the local In-N-Out burger. Love me some Animal style fries.
String time with Biscuit.
Now that there is a beauty.
Finally got some rain here in San Diego.
Dried up real quick though.
Drunken art work on the roommates white board. WormTits sure likes to gobble them fleshlights.
My moms birthday. 65 years young and killing it!
Best parents ever.
We went to town on that ice cream cake. Happy birthday Mom!
Healthy ass oatmeal for breakfast. Gotta get that fiber in to keep the plumbing working properly.
I love my toilet time.
'Nuff said.
Poised handsome man.
New toy. Can't wait to start on some projects with this bad boy!
Another new toy as well. Not as expensive as I thought. Only $30.
Can't wait to hand these out.
Do work!
Shred for Shockus.
Shred in peace bubba.
Session at Valley Center skatepark.
Drunk session with the PiechMonster.
Bossie's mom. She fucking rules.
Half Door Brewing Co. is a great place with fine brew. I highly recommend it.
That's how you eat watermelon.
This dude fucking rules.



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