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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Free Beer, BornRetard, Drunk Walks Home and Death Metal Pizza

Welcome back everybody to another edition of Mandatory Bloggery.
Snuggle up with a meatball sub and get to trolling!
Drunken blurry nights with NastyNeil.
Spot scouting for ItWasTheLight.
Free beer!
Pizza bowl from Island Pasta. This dish was delicious! Look at those burnt crusty cheese edges!
Bud Light tatse pretty damn good when it's free.
Later that day it was on to Gilly's to crush pints with BornRetard!
Gilly's during the day is a nice place to go. Football on the t.v., patio to smoke on and good salt of the earth type of peeps. Not gonna see a buncha hipsters here.
Later on it was on to blasting the ol' Screwdriver for BornRetard.

In case you were wondering what the fuck Screwdriver is... It's a damn good White Stripes song! Yea, that's it...
First barf photo with the new phone. Pretty psyched how it turned out.
Happiness is holding a fluffy fucking kitty when yer hammered.
Biscuit was not amused.
Disturbing WormTits while was studying.
Slimey ass BornRetard.
I see skate spots everywhere.
Got to hang with Levacy in a non work environment. Good times seeing this guy.
These dudes rule. Although the Chargers let them down this night, the party didn't stop!
Then I took a drunken walk home. Love walking at night.
Hangover remedy. I fucking love breakfast at any time of the day.
Biscuit waiting for his canned treat!
Pizza Hut is damn good greasy pizza. I love the locals like Lefty's, Luigi's and Bronx.
But the Hut handles it and I love their butter garlic crust.




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