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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Hans Week Days 5 & 6

Welcome back everyone to the final installment of Hans Week.
Thank goodness...
Bare witness to the last two days of documentation of BornRetard and his birthday. 
Happy Birthday to BornRetard! Here we have a standard Hans-filter, while he does what he does best, sitting on his duff and smoking 'gritts.

Sitting in the car is ItWasTheLight battling a deathly hangover. See that puddle underneath that cup of coke? Yep, that's his fresh barf from some heavy IPA's. Bub was feeling so rough, he couldn't even eat any pizza.
Later on we went to PQ park and he took a seat right away.
Still sitting after all these years.
Ol' Dirty Nans.
Profile shot. Really want to make a stencil outta this one.

Starring into the sun...
Then it was on to a bacon party at my pad.
The birthday boy requested Juicy-Lucy's.
So good!
Greasy ass %73/%27 beef.
Bbq or die. As is tradition.
I like fire.
The next day, we took BornRetard out for some street skating and to hang out at Pacific Drive.
He couldn't have cared less.
At least Butterface was there to keep the hype alive.
Drunk bitches in P.B. Standard sighting.
Standard P.B. sighting.
These dudes know how to party.

Lunch break at Carls Jr. I really like the Bacon Western Bbq burger.
Here we have a photo of BornRetard sitting while smelling his own breath.
Gotta get ready for those milfs that are jogging by...
Happy birthday BornRetard.
Thanks for sitting around and acting hungover even though you barely drank the night before..

"Sometimes skateboarding isn't skateboarding."
- some asshole

 I love ya, doooooood. I'm such a dork...

Love you too Hans.



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