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Monday, November 2, 2015

Shred Shots-Brandon Perelson, Jeff Morris, Austin Wilson, Cody Carlin, Matt Beck and Tim Williams

Welcome back to another edition of Shred Shots.
Been fortunate to witness alot of good skateboarding. In case ya'll didn't know, I fucking love wood pushing.

Brandon Perelson stopped by for the casual coping-pillage at Coronado skatepark.
Half-Cab grab

Tweaked out a bit more just 'cuz he's got it like that.
ItWasTheLight with a backside nosegrind on the fun box at Julian park during the Wizard Retreat 2015.

The bub GnarlyCharlie getting his first hubba grind at Shockus Park. Proud of this kid, he takes the slams and gets back up and keeps grinding!

GnarlyCharlie with a slash grind at PQ park.

GucciBuckTim getting buck as fuck at the Robinson street bridge.
The bub Matt Beck from Oz getting very buck on a long twelve stair kinker.
Some school in east S.D.
The bub Cody with a dope ass hurricane at Home Avenue ditch.



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