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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Hans Week Day 2, Embedded w/ BornRetard

When it comes to researching BornRetard, you just have to troll the internet looking for the slimiest of content!
May as well get this shit-show off on the right foot!
We've all been there.

A few years back when BornRetard was crashing on every couch he could, kicking over buckets of piss and drinking yer beer.
That one time he got "HELM'S DEEP!" 
Fucking love it!

"If you buy a single guy, I will spit on your grave"
-Josh Z. Beagle

I've seen this man fall and hit his head countless times. Always at his own fault.
Here, a bath tub got the drop on Nans.
A compilation of maneuvers of ItWasTheLight and when the old man is feeling spry.

 I fucking love skating with these two. Even when he gets the make, ItWasTheLight gave him some shit. That's what skating is all about. Suffering.
Tune in tomorrow, as we look further into the depths of the EF archives and share more slimy BornRetard content!




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