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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Biscuit Overload

Chomping, chewing and shredding away!
Life is pretty darn good right about now.
Message received.
This is a burrito from Clayton's on Coronado Island. This is by far the worst burrito I've ever had. The salsa sucked balls, it was over priced and worst of all, people actually think it's good authentic Mexican food.
The worst hole-in-the-wall Mexican shop off the Island is still better than any place the Island has to offer.
Morning vibes with this guy.
Left over tri-tip and eggs for breakfast. I love sri-racha.
Unit Craft co-worker knows how to get in them tight spaces.
Turned out to be an awesome job.
I tras picked these headstones.
Missing GucciBuck right about now.
Garden time for Biscuit.
Now that's a beauty.
Sure don't make 'em like they used to.
Feed the Need. An oldie but a goodie!
Orange chicken for fucking life.
Batman cookie!
Spot scouting in Lakeside.
Fucking perfect. Too gnar for me. Plus I get nervous skating peoples homes.
Halloween never ends around here.
Found me a good ass ledge to shred!
Still tastes as good as I remember it.
Cooked and poured right back into the can! I don't want to dirty up a bowl.
Sleepy kitty.
Weeks after Halloween...
More spot scouting in Lakeside.
I wanna get my tail drop on.
Amazing meme made by ItWasTheLight featuring BornRetard.
Tri-tips are my favorite!
Look at the blood!
He was a happy kitty.
Straight onto a sandwich with potato salad.
Now that's a big fucking chip.
Poway session. Trying to get back on that horse.
Lotta pics of Biscuit in this blog.
Hope you enjoyed it.



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