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Friday, December 11, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Shredding With The Bubs and Skate Clubbin' to Sidewinder Skatepark

Welcome back everybody!
Take a good look into yer daily routine and give it a change. Get outside, sweat it out and suffer a little bit.  Then treat yourself to a nice hearty meal. You've earned it. 
 Headed down to Robinson street DIY for some birthday action.
 Got ourselves a kicker ramp so one doesn't even have to ollie to get up on the curb! Yeeeeee-haw!
 J-Lee and Butterface nailing it with some bbq action.
 Fucking paradise. Some people like fancy hotels or 5 star accommodations. We just want our own little space to shred. Stay away.
 Killing it!
 Thanks for the hot dogs bub!
 BK, Dowdy, Coogan and a slew of others were there as well.
 On the way home we saw San Diego legend Ollie Ese! Aka, Wayne.
 Wears the same clothes every day. This dude is a true skateboarder.
 A skaters skater if you will. For those of you that know, know.
 Later on it was on to some poker action with the bubs.
 The most handsome kitty in the world!
 Basket cat.
 Every year I build this float.
 Sunny days at the park.

Saw this on the side of the road. It bummed me out.
 So soft and beautiful. Couldn't have weighed more than 8 pounds.
 Had a hole burrowed through its chest.
 Flying away in the after life.
 Red tail hawk, So bad ass. I love birds.
 You never know what yer gonna see...
 Off on another awesome adventure with Skate Club.
 El Centro skatepark here we come!
Just a 2 hour drive east from here.
 This place was fucking awesome! Kanten Russel did it again!
 This pipe jam was amazingly fun.
 Always bring an extra quiver with me. Big boy problems.
 Lunch time pizza part with the crew. Pizza Hut is awesome.
 We found a pool too! 4 foot shallow end. 7 foot deep end. Maybe I'll shred it next time.
 On the way home, we hit up a ditch Falco knew about.
 Fuggit, find it and shred it!
 Kids were kickflipping into it and shit. It was rad. Psyched I do this for a living.
 This got me so hyped! Yea bub!
 Igby was hyped on my reading selection.
 Fucking awesome.
 Pizza time.
Popeye's chicken is fucking awesome!



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