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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- LadyLarb's Birthday and Cody's Big Day

The food and booze train just keeps on coming!
Let's grab this beast by the horns and show it a good time, shall we?
Special croissants from Cadermaran down the street.
Burrito party. You know how we do...
I get around...
Pac is da homie! Same birthday!
Look at that grip tape!
Love it.
The bub Mikey Ratt combined his records and junk store with Puss In Boots Vintage and it all feels just so right!
Speaking of feeling right, it was LadyLarbs birthday!
Gotta surprise the babe with multiple pies!
Pies for the cutie pie!
She was hyped but more concerned she would drop them due to the cutting board weighing in at about 15 pounds,
Happy birthday babe!
Candles lasted just long enough for a photo opportunity.
The next morning it was off to a wedding so naturally I started the day off with some mimosa's!
Thank you for being a friend!
Larbsgiving leftovers for breakfast?
Sure, why the hell not.
May as well make it a spicy breakfast Larbsgiving bowl!
Sri racha all over that bitch!
Then it was off to see the bub Cody get married. Way to go bub!
These people made GucciBuckTim! Love these two!

"Thanks for coming, blah blah blah..."

The food and alcohol selection was on point! Unlike my focus...
Then it was on to Jimmy giving the best man speech. It would have been awkward (and it was), had not the maid of honor getting all emotional. But hey, I ain't complaining! Good times!
 Cake time!
It was tasty!
Mike flashing his fat wad.
Table 13 with all the bad kids. The McKenzie twins were there and I was hyped!
Fucking killing it!
Gotta love a good photo booth with good friends!
Then it was on to some serious business. Open fuckin' bar!
Then the real shit show started... Big boy picks up bigger boy.
Job well done Cody, yer the fucking shit and I love you!
Now lets go skate.



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