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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Larb Fest 2

Went to Brick by Brick for the first time ever.
Larb Fest 2 was the perfect excuse!
The following pics/vids were taken November 7th, 2015.
Let the fuckin' mayhem begin!
Very killer line up. $6 in advance! $8 at the door. Not much to bang yer head.
Support yer local metal scene!
Just like Larb Fest 1, Kelp Forest was 1 of 2 returning bands. No singer, no bassist. Just slow rolling heavy fucking doom metal!
Free toilet paper! "Art" work by the guy who threw the whole ordeal, Sam Hitz.
"Tweakin' Like Matty", these guys are Burnside locals and really put on a damn good show! The singer had a voice that reminded me of a tweaker screaming for more tweak.
Nonetheless, I was head bangin' away.

Fist pumping metal heads all around.
Piech with a horse tranquilizer...
Down the hatch. Just kiddiiiiiiiing! Piech wore Docker boat shoes and it cracked me up.
Xantam took the stage and it was fuckin' heavy! Not sure how to describe them, so I looked them up on their Facebook profile and they described themselves as "blackened death meatl".
Blackened like a charred hot dog on a lonely grill. Now that's fuckin' metal!

After I shot this video, my damn phone ran outta memory. Fuckin' phones.
Anyway, here are some vids I found on YouTube of Putrid Pile and the closing band Hammered!

Putrid Pile! One man solo band with a fuckin' drum machine!

Hammered! Love this band!

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that there were free T.T. dogs before 9p.m.! For you pussies out there that don't know what a fuckin' T.J. dog is, it's a hot dog wrapped in bacon. Free meat!
 We had a blast! Can't wait til the next one!



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