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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Larbsgiving 2015

Larbsgiving was a doozy this year. At some point I was on auto-pilot mode and don't remember alot of shit.
The holidays are a time for making memories, fortunately you guys are better at that than I am...
At the grocery store getting beer and I saw this shit. It was disgusting. One sip and I was over it. Way too sugary.
Our CommanderNBeef was in town for the festivities.
Here he is, slapping the shit outta some drum sticks.
Oh yea! Thanksgiving Jell-O shots./
Cheese plate, salami and wine all set to go! This platter did not last long.
Meat & Bone
Spicy ground sausage balls being prepped to go in the oven. Sitting gloriously in bbq sauce.
Don't forget the jalapenos!
And some Sri-racha sauce to get into the Larbsgiving spirit.
We want that booty blasting the next morning.
Much better shot.
WormTits was handling all of the bacon and gravy duties. The two corners to a well balanced food pyramid.
Guess what's at the top of the pyramid? That's right! Jameson!
The bird was fully cooked!
Thanks to DonaldGately who nailed it on cooking the bird. The meat was moist and tender!
We were killing it. See the bannana pudding pie in the upper left corner?That was a huge hit. Thanks VeronaKitty!
BK, Craig-o-saur, Val...
Larue, BeerBongin'Brockman..... The feast was on!
Larue holding down the camp vibes.
House was packed with about 15 hungry and thirsty beings!
Our CommanderNBeef blacked out while I was teaching him how to make a bacon wrap. After he finished his weave he loaded it with stuffing, potatoes, turkey and gravy! Eat Fucking Fiend!
KingBaby nailed it in the beef department. Hence there wasn't much left afterwards.
Stabby stab time.
Pork belly mania!
After blacking out for the rest of the evening I woke up not craving Thanksgiving at all. Instead I wanted a breakfast bowl. That's how I do!
On my way to Thanksgiving with the family, I saw a rainbow. 
It was a good day.
Saw this at my moms house, she is a collector of all things eclectic and weird. Here we have some maids from another time.



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