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Monday, December 7, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Blood, Cats, Skateboards and Pizza

Cash in yer tickets for another shit fest...
Join in on the gluttony. Skateboarding, food and pussy cats. What the hell else did you expect?
 Nostrils flairing.
 Much better.
 Fatso Hank.
 Yeti in the night.
 Old relic of skateboarding from yesteryear.
 Larbsgiving is coming!
 Not lame.
 The holy trinity.
 For a well balanced Gronking.
 Good times with the T.C. crew.
 Brady beating Rivers in yards this season. That translates to Stinky owing me $$$!
 Young dude came by on his bike asking me for gauze while I was at the skatepark.
 Turns out he had a bullet wound from an exploded firearm during a training session.
 Starts stuffing paper towels into the hole. It was gnarly.
 Kicked it at Pacific Drive while Larue was working. Always a good time over here skating the curb.
 Q was there setting up a curb crusher.
 Furry little monster man.
 This is how I feel when there is no more pizza.

 More awesome RV art I saw.
Fucking awesome.



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