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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Pasta Night, Grilling Salmon and Hanging With Hobos

Take a ride on some stunt wood and stuff yer face.
Nobody is gonna do it for ya...
 Got a session in on this thing. Here today, gone tomorrow they say...
 Met this homeless guy who said his name was "High Speed". Street folk sure are interesting.
 211, God's juice.
50-50 grind while HighSpeed watches from behind.
 Old Town manual pad. This place is always good for a shady session.
 Then it was on to business as usual.
 As usual, Bill is the fucking man!
 This will eventually mean that Stinky owes me ten bucks!
 More awesome RV art. Seriously hyped on the hunt for more awesome documentation of this sick American past time.
 Dinner time.
 2 for $4. Not bad Newman.

Speaking of Newman...
 Gotta have onions in yer meat gravy if it's pasta night.
 Of course you need meatballs on top of your ground beef.
 Dropped my phone again and now my selfie option has been cracked. Boo-fucking-hoo.
 Speaking of ugly mugs...
 Meatball mania.
 And of course some of Little Clubs finest well. I actually dig this stuff and it's only $13.99 a handle.
 Zombie kitty.
 Robot dick.
 Gotta love the grilled meat and cheese life.
 Saw a cock at work.
 Another cock with his hens.
 Pallet = free lumber
 It took awhile bending all the nails off.
 12 foot slats.
Presto! I fixed my neighbors fence and it didn't cost me a dime!
 Then it was on to some salmon for a dinner / job well done.
 Don't have a whole of of experience with the grilling of salmon but I'm psyched to start making it a habit. Stuff is amazing delicious.
 I'll have it raw at the sushi bar every now and then but otherwise I strictly stick to canned tuna.
 I was hyped how it came out.
 Added a lemon wedge, potatoes, and some salad. Voila! Dinner.
It was the wifes idea. She's a lot smarter than I am.
 Banana Darth Vader art.
 My vote too.
 Lurking in parking lots with these two.
 Wisdom of 4Loko from a local hobo.

Oh yea, enjoy these vids. Remind me of The Tick and Ren & Stimpy with the obviousness of Batman sung to the fucking tunes of Dethclock! HELLS FUCKIN' YEA!!!



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