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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Skate Clubbin' to Pala Skatepark and Valley Center DIY

Welcome back everybody!
Work was nice enough to let me grab a van and take some local kids to some parks deep in the depths of San Diego. Pala skatepark and Valley Center DIY, HERE WE COME! 
 The once-groms are now all in High school or finishing junior high and are now top dawgs around the park! Jumping down shit, working on flip tricks, taking their grinds and slides as far as they can, they were now anxious to shred some new turf!
 BigBen, straight out the van  to slappy grind the rainbow rail. This kid rips and doesn't give a care.
 Charlie stepping up his game and getting comfortable on them bars.
 Falco with a slappy grind Christ pose.
 CousinVinny gettin' down on it too!
 Arms in the air...
Arms to the side.... It's your choice!
 Different angle. I was down in a bowl that was 7 feet deep. It was hard to hang onto the coping one-handed and shoot with the other. Psyched how it came out though.
 Lunch time! Packed a cooler with turkey, ham, cheese, bread, mayo, chips and snacks! You know how we do!
 BigBen with a frontboard. This obstacle was fun but kinda crusty. Had to really mash into it to get it to slide. I know 'cuz I stuck on probably a dozen boardslides.
 Carves for days...
 This little stair case was so fun to carve over both frontside and backside. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Falco with a nose-skidder.
backside grind
 Stack 'em right or they don't fit.
Then it was on down the road to Valley Center DIY! 
This place is fuuuuuuuuuuuuun!
 A small little acorn that will slowly grow into a big strong tree. I have high hopes for this place.
 Fucking awesome. Don't let it's small size fool you, I rolled my ankle.
Then it was on to taking pics.
 Gotta get back.
 Whoever built this place, did a really good job.
 Just goes to show, with a few buck and some elbow grease, one can get shit done. Psyched to show the kids places like these. Helps them be more well rounded on the shred-sled.
 It had a gnarly 7 foot wall too.
 And a fun-ass mellow pipe jam too!
 Humble beginnings.
 Feeding area.
 Gotta keep them energy levels up.
 Lines and angles.
 Mega ramp.

 Charlie with a scrape grind. He was flying so fast my phone camera couldn't focus on him.

Get out and get some!



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