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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- B.A.K.U. Demo, Pillaging and Plunder

Went to the recent B.A.K.U. demo/book signing.
It was a lot of fun for a huge skate nerd like myself. Made some new friends and got drunk as shit.
Good times were had by all!
The barrier was fucking gnarly. I did a kick-turn, then a layback rock and roll and got the fuck outta the way for the rippers. Grabbed myself a beer and watched the slaughtering.
Rare and hard to find BAKU shit.
Skateboarding is awesome.
Ran into Fos, the owner of Heroin skateboards. He hooked me up with a copy of their new video "Bath Salts". Hyped!
$20, not a bad price for a piece of skate literature.
The fire was a burning bright and everyone was getting lit!
Piech was hyped.
Lurking in the shadows. Skateboarding happens while you sleep.
It was hard to get up on the damn thing. So gnar.
DeerManOfDarkWoods. Unlike other BAKU members, this guy did not take his mask off the whole time. METAL!
Double shot.
Then the temperature dropped and people gravitated towards the fire.
Most of the skate picture I took ended up blurry like this. Not really sure why. Fuck it.
Fos throwing up the positive vibes while some chick in the background was photo bombing.
Fos and DMODW.
Even Smolik showed up! Skateboarding brings all them cliques together. Skating is skating.
Burn baby burn.
Jaks- old school skate crew.
Then some dude pulled his car up in front of the barrier and did a burn out.
It smelled so bad. Looked so sick.
DonaldGately taking it all in.
Caveman television.
I fucking geeked it up super hard and went around seeking autographs.
After a few sipps of Jameson, things got a bit blurry.
Then I barfed in the Uber cab. Here is a picture of DonaldGately cleaning the barf off me. What a pal.



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