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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Ziggy Shuffledust

Took the wife out on a New Years Eve date to see Ziggy Shuffledust- And The Spiders From Mars! A David Bowie cover band...
Glad I got to see a cover band before the actual Bowie passed. Made me feel like less of a bandwagoner.

Killer opening bands. Tye Eye and Electric Warrior were both T-Rex and Iggy & The Stooges cover bands. For $20, it was an evening well spent.
The Bowie impersonator is named Greg. Greg is actually bald, which gives him the ability to wear an awesome Bowie wig. Don't let the get-up fool you, no gimmicks here. This man really knows how to belt out the vocals. Has that real deep Dowie-esque flair in his voice.
Also, he was a real showman.
Fully flared.
Booty shorts included.
Then the flute player had himself a solo jam while the lead singer was doing a change of wardrobe.
Out he came in red overalls and a eye patch. It was awesome.
Great crowd. Everyone was psyched to break in the new year with Bowie!
We had a rad spot on the side. A little bar area to put our drinks.
Then he sat on a speaker and sang to the crowd all personal like.
The flute player reminds me of a villain from Meatalocalypse.
The flute player also jammed the saxaphone!
Another costume change. Seriously killing it.
He also had three very talented back-up singers.
Can't wait to see them again.
Bowie forever!
It was a great show. One to remember. Even though I never got to see David Bowie in concert, this was a really good substitution. I'd definitely go again.

Cheers to the last of the real rock stars.
See you up there Starman.


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