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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Breakfast Bowl and Furry Litlle Fuckers

Three days into the new year and the good times are already rolling.
About a month behind on some content and I'm gonna play catch-up.
 Enjoy or die. 
 New shirt design I might make...
 Little Clubs finest.
 I'm his scratching post.
 Never knew these existed. Pretty sick!
 Bah hum bug.
 Found a steep one by Home Depot.
 Roll up wasn't too shabby either. Just need some wood.
 Euro gap.
 Passed the fuck out.
 Blanket time with Biscuit.
 Can't remember if I posted this or not. But I find it fucking hilarious.
 Garden time.
 Bacon time.
 Things were getting toasty.
 How egg?
 My favorite bowl.
 Sexy sizzling strips.
 Soft boiled goodness.
 Layer one.
 Leftover onions and red peppers. Need them veggie vitamins.
 Cooked in olive oil.
 Almost ready.
 Hearty ass breakfast bowl.
 Look at the colors man!
 Avocado and sri racha sauce. Complete!
 Not it's time to chop that shit up.
 Chow time.
 I find funny things on Instagram.
 Mailed out some more shirts to the bubs.
 Look like bricks of heroin.
 Cat lady.
 Furry little fucker.



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