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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Snow Day and Poker Night with KingBaby

Taking some time to enjoy this mildly cold weather we've been experiencing lately...
Not yer typical Coronado weather.
When it snows in S.D., you gotta get to it!
Over one foot apparently. El Nino is kicking ass.
Found a place called "The Blue Jay Lodge". Very rustic. I was into it.
Making friends.
Some suds with my buds!
Then it was onto the hard stuff.
Snow men.
That's the dry desert behind us.
Much needed.
First time here. I lovcd it.

KingBabys poker birthday.
Drunk losing.
Craigosaur getting down!
Drunk winning!
Raking them chips in.
Sleep forever.
So delicate.
Bbq sandwich.


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