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Friday, January 22, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Red Curb Fever, Kill Skateboarding and BLT Madness

Grinding the hours away....
Find a spot and make it yours! Respect it though, don't blow it out. Don't tag it. Pick up yer trash...
Have fun!
This spot has been old faithful since mid-November. I hope FaE never opens up again.
Texas toast BLT. I love me a good BLT.
Lets add pastrami and french fries on the bottom shall we?
The best.

For your viewing pleasure.
Here's a tip for saving some dough. You can get a gallon of water for just a quarter. If you have a bottle in yer car or on yer person, fill that shit up! Save yerself a buck.
Chasing the red dragon. FaE is where it's at.
Beer can chicken. This bird was cooked!
Split that bird right open.
VanVugt and Butterface. You know the spot!
ItWasTheLight with a frontboard to fakie slider.
The sun was bouncin'!
Hobo- "Want me to pose with yer board?"
Me- "Hell yea!"
(Hobo poses with board)
Hobo- "Got any change? I just let you take my photo."
Me- (skate to car, grab all pennies out of ash tray) "Here ya go."
Hobo- "Aww man, you ain't got a dolla?"
Me- "Nah, sorry man. I don't have any paper."
Butterface being all buttery and shit while ItWasTheLight captures the radness.


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