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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- The Bronx Blog and Mom Carving

Finishing up the rest of my content for the month of December...
The beers keep a flowin' and the wheels keep a rollin'...
  It was my second time seeing The Bronx play at Casbah. They fucking killed it.
 Holiday randomness.
 For your viewing pleasure while ordering another beer at the bar.
 Rockin' out.
 He sure did know how to scream his ass off.
 Somehow, Rusty caught an elbow in the pit.
 Cat drama.
 Blue eyed blue kitty.
 Chug-a-lugg this stuff is good!
 Fire channel.
 Moms pot roast.
 Moms ham. Fuck yea mom.
 Mom, carving up the dinner.
 Things that get me hyped...
 Jenga is different at my house.
 Donald Gately pushing the limits.
Left over meal fit for a king!


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