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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- A Real Gut Jammer

Welcome back everybody. Hungry, you say?.....
Try to keep up...
Hangover remedy at the Old Mill Cafe.
Caking that shit on. We are but stinky dogs, marking our territory.
Larue is one to never back down from a pipe jam.
Fucking awesome shit on the internet.
New York Wings and Ribs is the shit. Chicken tenders for days.
This made me feel good inside.

For your viewing pleasure. Made by SatansBungHole, over two years ago. Many beers ago... many burgers ago...
The annual chili cook off. It's what we do.
Left to right: chicken, beef and pizza.
Put a lid on it!
Drunken portraits with SlenderMan.
This got me hyped.
Star fish status.
No-comply gut jammer. Rad lighting by ItWasTheLight and Spaceship Earth.
Lazy daze.
Don't want it to spoil....
On sale for $4.99!
How do you Al Pastor?
The next morning.
Put eggs in that shit!
Found this little guy in the bedroom. Biscuit probably ate his tail. I set him free in the neighbors yard.
Sriracha all over that shit!
My mouth is salavating just looking at this photo.


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