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Monday, January 4, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Cheap Pizza, Tri-Tip Madness & Shitting Better

EatFiend brings you to your knees with hordes of greasy consumption and waves of screaming shit through your ears...

If this doesn't make you wanna go a 100 MPH and slam some beers under a bridge, I don't know what fucking will...
 Late night ritualistic curb slashing with ItWasTheLight.
 Standard store gathering. The Devils salad made me do it.
 More cheese please.
 Extra pepperoni and jalapenos. Baked to mouth watering perfection.
 Feed the beast.
 Pie numero dos. Extra pepperoni is fucking mandatory.
 The bub Mike Paige stopped by. I used to bug the shit outta this guy for free boards at Tum Yeto back when I was a young buck. Thanks Mike for all yer help.
 Zensei sushi dinner gathering with the Ol' lady.
 It was alright. Still better than any taco shop in Nor Cal.
 My favorite cut of meat. Tri-tip!
 First time going at it with a different style of marinade other than bbq/hot sauce.
 In all its glory...
 One garlic clove, twelve ounces of lemon juice, half cup of soy sauce, garlic salt, sugar and sesame oil. It was fucking tits!
 The next day, some spot scouting with Butterface.
 X-Mas party with Fip. Awesome metal nerd right here.
 Jimbo Carlin, doing his best to not freak out.

For your viewing pleasure. WOOP WOOP!!!
 Breakfast makes me happy.
 This furry little fucker makes me happy.
 Ol' blue eyes.
 Remeber that tri-tip I marinated? It's been sitting in my 'fridge for 2 days.
I was rather excited about this one.
 It came out teriyaki style. The fat on top was nice and crunchy and sweet from the sugar!
 Lady boner panty dropper whiskey.
 Fuckin' beautiful.
 Mornings with Al.
 Monday nights at Poway park. This place has been a bunch of fun. Great group of peeps too.
 Costco lunch. In case you didn't know, I fucking hate pizza.
 She's a beauty.
 Fry that chicken!
 Golden and crispy!
 Chicken parmesan. For the Rocky Balboa in me.
 Shit better.

I'm fucking sold. I love shitting.


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